WIXI Expired Domain Deletion Policy

WIXI, Inc. registers, deletes and renews domains as an official registrar accredited by ICANN, and as such, acts a mediator between the Registered Name Holder and the administrator of the central database.  It has no influence on the distribution process of domain names. As there might be rights of a third party involved, WIXI has no obligation to guarantee the continuity of the existence of a registered domain.

The Registered Name Holder assures that the domain name and the use of the domain does not interfere with or infringe upon the rights of a third party and that there are no other obstacles to registering the domain name.

The different domains are administered by various, usually national organizations. Each of these organizations has different terms and conditions relating to the registration of the respective domains, proceedings in domain name dispute matters, and conditions related to the deletion, renewal and/or auto-renewal of domains.  As far as domains are the subject of the contract, the additional terms and conditions of each gTLD and ccTLD apply.

When registering, managing, deleted or renewing a domain, the Registered Name Holder provides WIXI with the power to submit all updates done through WIXI (e.g. DNS updates, WHOIS updates, as well as other domain configuration) on its behalf directly to the respective registry in real-time.

WIXI shall provide notice to each Registered Name Holder describing the details of its deletion and auto-renewal policy.  When a domain's expiration date is upcoming, domain renewal notifications are sent to the Registered Name Holder of that domain via the respective email address on the domain's whois over three separate occasions.  The first email is sent out approximately one month prior to a domain's expiration date.  A second email is sent out approximately one week prior to a domain's expiration date.  And if a domain expires and is not renewed or auto-renewed, a third and final email is sent to the registrant on the fifth day post-expiration.

At the conclusion of the registration period, failure by or on behalf of the Registered Name Holder to consent that the registration be renewed within the time specified in notices sent by WIXI, in the absence of extenuating circumstances, will result in the cancellation of the registration by the end of the auto-renew grace period, or similar period depending on the gTLD or ccTLD.

WIXI will provide deletion and auto-renewal policies to Registered Name Holders through its Website and will provide, both at the time of registration and through the secure login management panel offered to its customers, any fee charged for the recovery of a domain name during the Redemption Grace Period.