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The Internet domain specifically for businesses and individuals in the travel and tourism industry. Travel businesses, organizations, and individuals can use .TRAVL for e-commerce and promotion of their products and services online through .TRAVEL websites, blogs, and email.

Additional Informations

Sponsored Top-Level Domain (The Travel Partnership Corporation)
1api GmbH
15 minutes
  • IDN capable:  No
  • Restore capable:  Real-Time
  • Handle Updates:  Supported
  • Registration System:  Real-Time

Important dates related to .TRAVEL domain names. Please keep in mind that these schedules and periods are exact.


Registration Periods:  1Y,2Y,3Y,4Y,5Y,6Y,7Y,8Y,9Y,10Y
Add Grace Period:  0
Accounting Period:   0
Finalization Period:   44d
Failure Period:   44d
Payment Period:   -61d
Deletion Restorable Period:  30d
Deletion Hold Period:   0
Explicit Renewals:  YES
Renewal Periods:  1Y,2Y,3Y,4Y,5Y,6Y,7Y,8Y,9Y

Transfering in your .TRAVEL domain to DN Pilot is easy.  Simply enter in the domain name in the search box above and select transfer on the results page.  Call or email DN Pilot Sales for better pricing for bulk transfers, we would love to speak to you!

Registry Transfer Details:

Transferclass:  PULL
Transfer Periods:   1Y
Transfer Authcode required:  YES
Transfer Real-Time:  NO
Transfer Pending Period: 5d
Transfer Expire Action: ACK
Transfer ACK by: REGISTRAR
Transfer NACK by:  REGISTRAR
Transfer Lock:   YES
Transfer Confirmation (Request / Approve): ICANN-FOA-REQUEST /



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Reselling Your Way 

DN Pilot offers resellers multiple way to connect and sell our services.  Many use our comprehesive web Control Panel.  Some use any one of our six APIs.  Still others use modules for WHMCS, AWBS, or PLESK.  Choose the one that best suites your business.



1. Who is allowed to register .TRAVEL domains?

Travel organizations and companies that cover their:  Incorporation (legal) nam, partnership name, individual names, doing business as; trade names; or business name, domain name as used in a URL, trade marks, service marks, product names, club or association names, transport vessel names, competition/event names, division names, subsidiary names, and acronyms (must be only the first letter of the primary words of the name)

2. Which travel sectors are .TRAVEL domains intended?

Airlines, attractions/theme parks, bed & breakfasts, bus/taxi/limousine operators, camp facility operators, vehicle rental companies, airport specialty car parking companies, computer reservation/travel technology providers, convention & visitor's bureaus, cruise lines, ferries, hotels/resorts/casinos, national tourism offices, passenger rail, restaurants, tour operators, travel agents, travel media, travel-consumer and market research organizations.

For more FAQs and information, please visit the HEXONET wiki.